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东莞式全套服务,让你超兴奋的丝袜高跟鞋诱惑,绝对AV幻想的性玩具诱惑!!! 米丽 is a sexy chio babe who does 东莞式服务, and was a blowjob expert with multiple pattern and techniques to blow you away. She provides hardcore Commando Service With amazing skills. See how she stimulate you and make you so high with her unique techniques, she loves having sex so much and you will get to try out many different type of sex position with her. She has many different types of sex types for you to try on her, confirmed makes all your fantasy goes wild. She is service orientated, going all out to please you and treat you like a king. So gentlemen, what are you waiting for, cheong lah!!! Call her NOW!!!


Sex Toy For You To Play On Her

Selfie Video

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***Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastle]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告!***

Location: Orchard Road (乌节路)

Bio Data
Name: 米丽 (Mi Li)
Age: 26
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.63m
Boobs: 36’D’ (All Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Shower/Bath Oral Sex [鸳鸯浴/浴中箫] ☑
☑ Simple Massage [简单按摩] ☑
☑ Silk Stocking Temptation & High Heels Temptation [丝袜诱惑和高跟鞋诱惑] ☑
☑ Sex Toy Temptation [性玩具诱惑] ☑
☑ Kissing [接吻] ☑
☑ Dong Guan Full Body Catbath [舔奶头/过水/口沙/舌尖漫游/指划调情/蚂蚁上树/淫推/臀推] ☑
☑ Breast Massage [性感胸推] ☑
☑ Breast Fuck [乳交] ☑
☑ 69 Painting [69舔妹妹] ☑
☑ Dong Guan 69 Deepthroat Twisting BBBJ [舔蛋蛋/69深喉旋转无套口交/空中飞人/倒挂金勾/地动山摇] ☑
☑ CIM [口爆] ☑
☑ COB [射身/射胸] ☑
☑ JG [抓根] ☑
☑ Passionate FJ [激情做爱] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: No Anal & RAW, so please respect her!!! ✖

Damage (Room & CD Included)
$130/60 mins/Massage + 2 x HJ
$150/60 mins/1 x FJ
$250/90 mins/2 x FJ

53 Responses to “Mi Li (Dong Guan Svc + Sex Toy)”

17/12/2017 Reply

昨天晚上遇见了她,而她本人看起来比她的照片好多了。我爱她的胸,特别是她的乳头,红色的下面(你必须翻开它),嘴唇和害羞接吻。她做爱时的表情真可爱和性感,令人难忘。由于她苗条的腰围合挺挺的屁股,从后面做真是特别爽。v 字型做可以看清楚她细长的双腿和丰满的小屁屁就像个模特儿。她一点商业的感觉都没有,好像我的初恋。和她在一起,我真的必须控制自己的感觉,因为她是一个自然想让人要占有的女孩。我一定会再约。9.9/10分。是我的宝贝才能得10分。哈哈

B B Guy
14/12/2017 Reply

Looks: 8.5/10 (Similar to pic. Braces but very sweet smile and giggle)
Body: 9/10 (Slim. A bit tanned and very smooth skin)
Boobs: D cup
Frenching: 9/10 (It takes time but will do it alot during fj)
BBBJ: 9.5/10 (Sibeh Awesome. Good suction and usage of tongue. Made my lil bro extend to its maximum)
FJ: 9/10 (Trimmed hair. Quite tight)
GFE: 9/10 (Loads of talk and cuddling during rest time)
Room was clear even though i fail to locate it at the first time. Even called to direct me to the right place )
RTF: Yup if possible.

14/12/2017 Reply


11/12/2017 Reply


01/12/2017 Reply

First class services .Friendly and beautiful not a time watcher.Value for $$$ .100% true photo of herself.Had a good and enjoyable time with her.Best girl ever encounter 、mili .see her again.

07/11/2017 Reply


04/11/2017 Reply


31/10/2017 Reply


27/10/2017 Reply

Nice bbbj. smooth fair skin. Young slim body. Natural handful boobs. Friendly and smiley. Accommodating during fj and exploded in her mouth. Had to pay additional session to extend though. Face acceptable with make up.

24/10/2017 Reply


21/10/2017 Reply


17/10/2017 Reply

MILI是我所遇见过的少有的极品之一 。 见面热情拥抱,脸非常漂亮,身材丰满、胸部手感好、细心帮我脱衣洗澡,浴中箫爽歪歪了。

11/10/2017 Reply

Great feeling where her service is top notch. Requests make to her were fulfilled.

Looks: 9/10
BJ: 9/10
HJ: 9/10
Complexion: Smooth and fair
Boobs: Soft, smooth and tender which makes you want to swallow it more…
GFE: more than perfection

RTF: Anytime anyday

10/10/2017 Reply

Mi Li was considerate and hygienic. She sprayed antiseptic on herself and me so that we could do whatever wanton things to each other without reserves. As I showered after the deed was done, she also took a bottle of antiseptic mouthwash concentrate to spray into my mouth. So thoughtful of her!

I highly recommend her to AJ lovers and those who want to try out AJ.

09/10/2017 Reply


08/10/2017 Reply


07/10/2017 Reply

I fell in love with her when first saw her. Her beautiful appearance made me wonder. I’m obsessed with her hot body.
Maybe only god can create the perfect girl. I hope tonight would be forever. But good time was brief. The girl is the gift of god. Please be kind to her. Let’s take care of her.

04/10/2017 Reply


01/10/2017 Reply

Beautiful classy lady with magical massage skills. Model sexy figure with great personality and no time watcher. Friendly and easy to talk to. Very accommodating and sex pair of legs especially when she wears her stockings.

30/09/2017 Reply


29/09/2017 Reply

Last night visit this new gem, it’s what you see & that’s what you got
Sexy,slim,high GFE and hard drive horny sex
If you treat her well maybe she’ll give extra massage after session
9/10 BBBJ great suction
9/10 slim body with petite can around when FJ
9/10 painting with no odor smell but juicy with stereo, if on the right spot
9/10 FJ tight and juicy pussy with MONO STEREO
My fellow sincerely chiongster brother this is the gem we’ll looking for with no complaints but please to understanding our needs
And lastly it was mid night last minute I call her, she also on me, where to find gem like this bro! The one and only

19/09/2017 Reply


jor lim
18/09/2017 Reply

Tried her out mili yesterday, SUPERB SESSION ! Really a eye opener for me, seldom meet such nice natural D cup boobs. She loves it when I massage her boobs while sucking her nipples, like mother feeding his son milk… She moans like those Japanese porn stars, damn solid feel … I think I will get suffocated if i placed my face in the middle. Really feed my long thirsty lust for ages.
Then she showed me her entire sex toys collection and her uniforms and different costumes. A real eye opener for me. First time I saw this many sex toys and costumes. I thought only those adult movie makers will have such a collection. My biggest surprise for 2017. Tried a few sex toys on her, and her facial expressions and moaning just make me felt that I am a super pervert. hahaha….. Overall have a lot of fun and 60 mins is definitely not enough. Next time must get her to wear uniform for different fetish fun.

16/09/2017 Reply

In fact this girl l love so much. Her love making session and pussy eating is the best I have encountered so far.
Thank you so much.I love you, dont be angry with me. Your service is great.

14/09/2017 Reply

One of the most uncommercial feel. Very nice young milf. Looks pretty without makeup. Beauty grows with time. Great stereo and horny.

After the deed she give me a massage. She can really massage. We chatted quite a while. Not a time watcher.RTF/M soon

Mr lin
31/08/2017 Reply

Finally got to make out with this goddess! She was dressed in white stockings, lying on the bed… perfect body…. never seen before such good figure. Slim waist, long straight legs, a pair of hooters. Wanted to penetrate the body straightaway. Sex was damn good… when I was close, I took out and ejaculated on her leg… seriously must try to know how it feels.

30/08/2017 Reply

整个人从房间出来时 都一直是飘着的 愉悦的两个小时的体验 我想要的她都有而且不用主动发问她都给 管你是恋空 身材控 服务控 还是想制服控、 去找她就对了 仰面躺着 那扭动的线条 摇曳的’灯’影 配合着会舒缓或节奏劲爆的音乐 从后而入 把视线由腰窝移到肩头 慢慢欣赏着一辆意大利跑车勾勒出的线条感。。。尽情的去亲身驾驭她吧 姑娘和车子一样 看对眼了 就行动起来 错过了纵使她再好也只剩遗憾了。只因在人群中多看了你一眼,再也无法忘记你容颜 宁愿相信我们前世有约 我们才会被这样安排遇见 虽然我的电话号码还是没记录 而我约女孩子也还是一如既往的凭直觉 希望你会一直好运 早一天得到你想要的生

27/08/2017 Reply

very sweet with a radiant smile that will melt your heart, not slutty, a lot of GFE and very gentle, it feels more like love making than just hardcore commercial sex, room is clean and neat, easy to park if you are driving

12/08/2017 Reply

Someone directed me to I eyed this lass within first viewing. After making a booking and arriving, I was treated with her hospitality. She is very pretty, chatty, with nice peaks and a slim body. Gave me a nice hug the moment I entered. During lovemaking, she was very accommodating, listens to all my requests without complaints. After I’ve released, she took her time chatting with me, never checking the watch at all. It was a great experience. Her skin was so smooth my hands couldn’t stop auto roaming throughout the love making. Unforgettable experience, will be back for more. Treat her well, bros.

08/08/2017 Reply


30/07/2017 Reply


28/07/2017 Reply

After reading some of the reviews I decided to give it a try.

Location easy to find just mins away from mrt.

The mention when she open the door i was quite shocked. She was totally my type of girl. Like those girl next door type. So sweet and cute.

She is friendly and chatty. Very easy breaking the ice. Went to shower together then proceed to the main event.

Everything started slow and gentle. She is tight just few mins I came. Can’t really control as it was too enjoyable.

Before leaving I tip her extra $20. Overall experience was awesome coz she was my type. Definitely will return ! Can’t wait for the next session with her.

Brothers pls treat her well !

27/07/2017 Reply


13/07/2017 Reply

Just had a session with with Mi Li.. It’s was amazing, her body is so tight and her service was amazing good.. Her tongue skill is mind blowing.. Her tits is nice film very nice to grab.. Sex with her is something u need to try to find out…
Body 9/10
Looks 8/10
Tits 9/10
Fj 8/10

xiao long ge
06/07/2017 Reply

Her services started in the shower, then light massage, then slow n ticklish BBBJ. Requested for BM, she obliged within seconds. n then BBBJ, COB.

Very shiok feeling. Felt like I am in some AV movie.

cant remember meet Mi Li how many times,
every time meet her make me more and more addicted to her,
maybe my addiction is to her boobs,
her GFE and BBBJ is on par to those JAV,
FJ only getting more intense after all these visits
really rare to find, will rtf indefinite times…

30/06/2017 Reply

终于等到了那一晚。昨晚终于见到了米丽.哈哈,到了那里,一进大门,她跟我说左转, 可我傻乎乎地差一点往前走左转了,呵呵,没想到她的房门是处于那么独特的位子。
进了门,傻了一秒,然后马上硬了。她很漂亮,很清纯,可是有点憔悴了。她帮我脱衣服 ,然后我们就洗澡了。期间,她还说被蚊子咬了,锁骨那里,一块红印,怪可怜的。
躺在床上,她就开始为我bbbj了。好棒的感觉,那么美丽的女孩,我其实差一点就交货了,东张西望地分散注意力才能坚持的。之后,就开始那个了。叫床声简直是好听的要命。那么美丽的女孩,那么美好的身材,我简直到了天堂一样。 事后,我们还聊了很多,她的过去,她的爱情,她的饮食。。。 简直是和女友聊天。
Looks:9/10 (清纯美丽可爱,女神!!!)
Bbbj: 9/10 (最诱惑的,女神有如女友般为你,短命都甘愿)
Fj: 8/10
Gfe:11/10 (如果我是富豪或者富二代,我会毫不犹豫把她娶回家!!!)
RTF: 我决定省吃俭用地,一个礼拜和她约会两次以上。

28/06/2017 Reply

Just have an amazing session with mi li . The location to me was convenient and private, meeting her for the first time I was a little surprise and very excited, She was in her little nightie or lingerie and i got a hardon seeing her cleavage, by the way she has a very nice looking eyes.

Proceeded to strip and shower , she was the perfect host, although I am a little shy when it comes to showering together, I was quite comfortable with her touch.

Before starting we chat a little to break the ice , found that she is quite experience in massage and ask her if I could try her skills , she agreed. There I was having a massage with this horny lady , she was quite good at it. Then she suggested it’s time for me to further enjoy her other skills : ) .

Her BBBJ to me was excellent, although I have tried others , she is hardworking and puts effort to it and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

She gave me a mind-blowing BBBJ followed by the FJ, I was simply attracted to the way she was so accommodating, at the same time her request was just be gentle with her and I can understand that. My experience with her is good, I enjoyed my time with her and plan to see her again if time permits. I think I am going to get a sexy lingerie for my next visit ( wink wink) .
One’s man meat another man’s poison, this is definitely my meat and I shall consume it without much delay.

Looks : 8/10
Massage : 8/10
BBBJ : 8/10
FJ : 9/10
Attitude : excellent and accommodating.

fa ge
25/06/2017 Reply

Bros, sharing a tip. Fuck her in missionary position & you will feel her pussy contracting. Her pussy contractions were great. During sex is about 1 contraction every 2 seconds. During her orgasm, it was a fast 2-3 contractions every 1 second. At her peak orgasm, you can feel her pussy widen to very wide & then suddenly tighten to grip my cock.

Me Sucker For Sex
26/04/2017 Reply

I seldom write comments but this one really make me break my rule. The thing is her service is really very good. Lots of fun and non-stop actions. Super nice person gentle and will do almost anything you tell her to. She is gem of the sgbeautycastle.com website. Please take good care of her. Will go back again for sure!

Osprey Hunting
22/03/2017 Reply

Got a session with Mi Li yesterday. Really good service for a young MILF. Like screwing your neighbour’ s wife. Very patient, gentle and naughty. It was really shiok looking at her looks when u pump her. Her moans are also genuine and seducing. Not a time-watcher! Definitely beat many others in the same $150 league.

SG Real Reviews
17/03/2017 Reply

Just finish a session with her this afternoon
Totally no rush, do things slowly and me very happy with her services.
Pretty, soft boobs, nice ass.
Body proportion very good. Got front got butts.
Love her bbbj, really deep throat. can feel back of her throat.
Auto turn around to do 69.
Love it when she put her legs on the wall and bbbj.
Got some kissing, but no frenching.
FJ very wet, her moans very loud and will keep asking and begging to pump hard harder.
Will definitely rtf her

Mini Junior Me
14/03/2017 Reply


11/03/2017 Reply

Just visited her. Extra thumb up for the cleanliness of the room, tidy & neat. Make it so comfy and homelike to stay with her for whole session. Service really superb & no rush. Very good bonk. Dream girl to most guys I think. Top choice for my next visit

Woof Woof
10/03/2017 Reply

Normally all FRs are commenting on the girls, mostly good and naturally there will be some black sheeps….here I have to do justice to Mi Li.

Top choice for me, try yourself if you don’t believe me. Real person , slim body and very tight below. Service by Mi Li is impeccable! Whatever has been written by Bros before this post cannot be more true than than the truth itself. So I won’t make more comments except to tell all bros who hasn’t try Mi Li, don’t give her a miss or seriously you will regret forever.

09/03/2017 Reply


mick mousie
08/03/2017 Reply

Looks :8.5/10 (sweet young MILF)
Bbbj : 9/10(she did it very slow which I liked it)
Fj: 8.5/10 (tight , watery)
Gfe : 9/10(can click at least for me unlike many others which I feel SOP)
Passion: 9/10 (Me lazy, just lie down there relax and she do the work cowgal etc etc 🙂
RTF : Sure of course, wonder how extreme can she go, besides the sex toys, hehehe ….

Trump Donald
05/03/2017 Reply

She was genuinely here to give her best, she is humble and most of all, she respects you as a person… You don’t get that from many out there….
I wished I could tell her, no we do not look down on you girls, in fact you have our utmost respect for your courage and your grit…

Guys, wait no more and look no further, if you want to meet a real person, Mi Li is the one….

East Asia Tribunal
03/03/2017 Reply

Had a wonderful time with Mi Li yesterday afternoon.
She looks as pretty as the photos, with sincere smile, she looks like my first girlfriend I had during NS with a few years added on!
Quiet and private location. Very discreet.
Looks: 9/10 (90% resemblance to photo)
GFE: 9/10 (treat you well,the most important thing is she isn’t a time watcher. still thinking of her sweet smile)
BBBJ: 9/10 (soft tongue…)
FJ: 9.5/10 (her pussy is really tight and juicy. )

All in all, it was the best fuck i have tried this year .Will be return for sure.

Sex Uber
02/03/2017 Reply

Good, it was a good one!
Have a good fuck with this Mi Li last night . She really is damn good and super responsive if you tease her right. Bbbj and fj both very un- commercial if you make her horny. She will literally fuck you until forget about time and just wants to cum when fucking with you. An absolutely class A fuck-hungry slut! Well worth the time and money spent .

Lonely Guy
25/02/2017 Reply

Went to find Mi Li yesterday, high standard SOP. Strip naked and bath, proceed to lie on bed and proceed body massage. Her boobs are huge and firm, went all over my body.
Foreplay a little, she proceed to suck my little bro. Mine take quite sometime to get hard, Mi Li was very patient, her BBBJ was freaking fierce – lots of licking and sucking too.
Caps on and she took a wild ride, after she got tired went down the bed and start the actions. Doggie her so hard with both my hands gripping her boobs. Her moan was unforgettable, she sweat so much and beg me to stop. Fire cannon, bath and massage for the rest of the session.
Great service, worth the bucks to bang.

19/02/2017 Reply


24/01/2017 Reply

Totally worth !

22/01/2017 Reply


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